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At NannyKins we are committed to providing the most comprehensive investigative background check available in the industry today.
We expect nothing less for our children, why should you?

Overnight Infant & Newborn Care

Overnight Infant & Newborn Care is quickly becoming one of our most popular services!
NannyKins has been helping families find overnight care for infants and newborns for fourteen years. Let us help you find a night nanny that will provide your newborn(s) with outstanding overnight care while you receive a well deserved good night's sleep. We know first hand that sleepless nights impacts more than just you! It is not easy completing all of our daily tasks when we are suffering from sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, everyone ends up paying the price. So let NannyKins cover you and take over at night.
Please see our Overnight Care Services page for pricing and details.

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People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.
— Leo J. Burke

Full-Time/Part-Time Nanny

Need an extra hand? Relax, we've got you covered.

Modern times call for modern solutions. Registering with NannyKins allows you exclusive access to the top professionals in the childcare industry today! We offer you guidance and support throughout the search and placement process.  You deal with the agency owners who ensure customer satisfaction, integrity, and professionalism. All Nanny applicants have been pre-screened, undergone an extensive interview process, have thorough reference checks on file; and prior to placement, will have undergone a comprehensive criminal background investigative check, and driving history record.        

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Please see our Full-Time/Part-Time Nanny Services page for pricing and details.

Postpartum Doula Care



Your Peace of Mind is here

Relax mama....the fourth trimester can be one of the most important and stressful stages of becoming a new parent. That being said, we understand how wrapped up you can  get after welcoming your newest addition(s) to your family. Let us help you by providing a Doula to help counsel you through your first weeks or months of this precious period of postpartum. 

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Please see our Postpartum Doula Services page for more details.

Daddy Boot Camp

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Dad, relax! We've got you covered too!

NannyKins provides private in-home service for the expecting father highlighting foreign skills such as swaddling, burping, diaper changing, bathing, etc.  At that time, we will also provide instructions on safe and proper use of your 'favorite' items (car seats/strollers/diaper pails, etc.).


Please see our Daddy Boot Camp page for pricing and details.

Baby Consulting Group

Our Baby Consulting Group consultants provide one-on-one assessment and advisement before your new bundle(s) arrives home. We provide 4 services that are tailored to meet your needs before or after baby makes its appearance!

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Please see our Baby Consulting Group page for further details and pricing for our packages.