Nanny Share Service

The Nanny Share Service is currenly available at NannyKins by popular demand!

A nanny share is when a two  families employ a nanny and share the cost of her salary. The nanny works for both families rather than for just one. Typically the nanny will care for the child of each family together. But in other circumstances, the nanny will split her time of child care between the two families to work around their schedules. 

Your child benefits from having personal in-home care with the nanny all while building a friendship with the other child(ren). Families get to receive the benefit and care of a professional nanny all at HALF the cost. 

What is a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share Services:

NannyKins offers a Nanny Share Coordinator. Relax, and leave the stress, head ache, and coordination to us! Our specialist will provide each family with a one-on-one initial consultation. We gather information regarding your family's needs, background, expectations, and schedule. We get to know you in order to place your families with the perfect nanny. We take the role of a mediator and coordinator between the two families in order configure the perfect arrangement whether it be part-time or full-time. We create the schedule, agreement, and coordination of the ideal nanny share for your family!

The Process:

NannyKins conducts the search and screening process for all the Nannies in the nanny share pool. We ensure that they are highly qualified with verified reference checks and that their backgrounds can meet your standards. All the nannies that we screen have the experience and passion for children and work hard to make our clients happy.

NannyKins also will conduct searches/receive requests for families looking for a nanny share. We then do interviews, compatibility match, schedule coordination, and extensive discussions with families in order to determine a match with each other and with a nanny. 

Our Competitve Rates

Nanny Placement Rates

Agency Fee for hiring a nanny for 0-6 months:
 photo 0-6_zpsityrgjba.jpg
This rate only reflects the Agency Fee for conducting a search.


Agency Fee for hiring a nanny for 6-12 months+:
 photo 6-12_zps6qpznxm5.jpg
This rate only reflects the Agency Fee for conducting a search.

Please note that the nanny will get an hourly rate in addition to this Agency Fee.

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In order to begin a search we require a $100 deposit from each family and will need the following forms returned to NannyKins:

Please print out the following for your reference on our search process here!

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

Additional Charges:

  • Parking Fee: The client will pay any parking fee needed if there is no on street parking provided
  • Gas Allowance: If our nannies have to commute over 1 hour each way, an $20.00 additional gas allowance fee is charged and given directly to the nanny
  • Holidays: An additional 50% surcharge on all rates
    NannyKins' holidays are: New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Easter night, Memorial Day, July 3, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Taxes and Client Responsibility
The client, together with the Nanny/Sitter, shall be responsible for State and Federal Withholding Taxes, FICA, (Social Security and Medicare Tax), FUTA (Federal Unemployment Taxes), and SUTA (State Unemployment Taxes). The Client covenants and agress to comply with all such legal requirements in cooperation with Nanny/Sitter and acknowledges covenants and agress that under no circumstances shall Agency be responsible or liable for any of said taxes and record keeping. Client is advised to seek the advice of a reputable Accountant or Payroll Service Agency.